imagestudmuffinasari replied to your post: ‘Ey babe, come look at wha’ Neph s’doin’. Poor…

Her bed is a bit cold t’ begin wit’. We should get her heater installed. /nuzzles their child/ Come o’er ‘ere ‘n cuddle wit’ us.

/raises a brow/ ..Get her more blankets then, babe. The kid’ll be fine. /chuckles, making her way over to her lover and child before kissing them both/ Damn needy. Both of you. /gives her a teasing grin/ 

Awr, but I like t’ cuddle wit’ ‘er. /laughs and returns the kiss/ S’cause we love ya. Ain’t tha’ right, Neph? Wait, don’t drool on me! Yer like yer grandpa, I swear…

…Who tha’ hell writes a manual in Vorcha?

Tha’ fuck s’goin’ on in this damn—screw it. I’ll build this crib myself. Can’t be too hard.


Momma grizzly.
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Congrats Nerra!

/she rubs the back of her neck, grinning/ Thank ya, anon.



…Hope so.

Ya need anythin’, ‘Thyta? 

Nothing right now. 

….You could stock the fridge though. When this damn brat’s not making me sick, I’m eating everything. At least it’s not as bad as when I was pregnant with Phaedra. 

Aight, got it. Tomorrow I’ll go t’ tha’ mart.

/she picks the matriarch up gently, hugging her/